The Exploded Street

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

The interactive, expanded version of Bruno Schulz’s original text was first conceived by Nikki Hafter in response to a research project at Headway East London that explored how sensory encounters with food could be conduit for communication for people with a language impairment called aphasia.
‘The Exploded Street’ interactive text acts as the script for a collective performance. Volunteers were invited to interact with the text and perform their chosen version in isolation, before sharing a recording with the artist. A final ‘performance’ was produced by arrangement of individual, home recordings that were collected over several weeks. The performance can be experienced here:

How it Works
– Open the interactive text fullscreen using the button with four arrows in the bottom left corner of the white box.
– Try clicking some of the words in the text to see what happens.
– When you like what you’ve made, you can save or print your version.
– There are approximately 295 quintillion possible combinations of word sets – about as many grains of sand as there are on Earth!