Digital Literature for Social Good Unconference

17-18 January 2023 – 100% Virtual

See the list of events and activities here!

Hosted by Bournemouth University (UK) in partnership with the Electronic Literature Organization and the British Library. The Unconference culminated in the awards evening for the New Media Writing Prize on 18 January 2023.

Unconference Theme: Social Good

How can we change our world with our digital art and literature?

Events, works, and activities that aim to serve a social purpose (such as projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals): “Digital Literature for Social Good”. Activist projects, works for education and sustainability, events to brainstorm new digital lit approaches to improving society and culture—it's all fair game. How can we change our world with our art and literature?

Unconference Noncommittee

The following folks came up with these shenanigans, and are at least partially responsible for the chaos that ensued:

  • Symposium/Academic Chair: R. Lyle Skains
  • Artistic Chair and Accessibility Coordinator: Deena Larsen
  • Tech Chair: Ken Alba

The Unconference Noncommittee are committed to the ELO Code of Conduct, and conduct all activities in alignment with these values.