Welcome to the Bloods

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

About The Bloods – A Future Dystopian Tale
A Twine-based interactive story that can be played via my website platform – see the link include din this form. The story:
The UK has suffered a similar fate to Syria of 2018. The UK is divided into many different territories, governed by many different militias, funded by various business groups, countries and foreign powers. Over them all in London are the Bloods, a US-funded, far-right Christian group, who believe fervently that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is happening right now. Their mission is to get rid of all unbelievers, either by exile or death. The world of England is full of disorder, danger and unexpected moments of kindness and brutality. Individuals and groups are wandering round, unable to tell friend from foe. Everyone is doing what it takes to survive, constantly facing moral and other challenges. The interactive story is linked thematically to three novels: ‘One Drop’ by Pete Kalu (Andersen Press 2023), ‘Three Bullets’ by Melvin Burgess (Andersen Press 2022), and The Second Coming by Tariq Mehmood (currently unpublished). A huge hinterland of research sits behind it and a UNity Engine platformed, RPG Game is also being developed that is linked to it.