Terraforming Singapore: Is the future made of sand?

Andy Campbell2023 Journalism Prize Shortlist

Terraforming Singapore: Is the future made of sand is an epic data-driven visual story about land reclamation in Singapore. The story takes on a three-part structure to help the reader make connections and untangle the complexities between and within the global sand trade and land reclamation in Singapore. It features multiple interactive elements, including a clickable map, and a scroll-triggered animated experience which allows the reader to experience the section as if viewed through binoculars, unfolding like a Chinese scroll painting. Incorporating quotes, poetry, data visualisations, and a choose-your-own-adventure component, the story frames them within a dystopian, almost fantastical narrative, complemented by a cohesive visual style. All elements are hard-coded, with mobile-accessible versions created for all assets and particular attention to accessibility. For example, we created a screen reader-friendly version of the scroll-triggered “binoculars” component that reads like a children’s storybook, creating a unique experience of its own.