Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

TW: depression, anxiety, self-deprecation

‘part;e’ / ‘partie’ (pronounced ‘party’) is a French word that can both mean ‘gone’ and ‘game’. The semicolon is a symbol for « keep going ».

This is a text-based interactive fiction about depression and also a confession. I wrote it to put words about my feelings since I was not able to communicate at that time with others. At first, it was not meant to be shared but I gave it a try and published it on itch. A few people wrote me messages saying they were identifying themselves to the character, convincing me to leave it online.

Text is central to my work. It is used to reflect the character’s emotions. For instance, it can be blurred to show the character is crying and can’t read anymore. Or, if you click on some text messages, they reveal the real message behind, the unsaid words. Some links must be clicked many times to take you to the next page because, when you’re depressed, you have to repeat to yourself things will get better, you have to keep getting out of bed in the morning, you have to keep going.

To start playing, visit the link to the work. Click Run story. The game will launch in fullscreen mode in your web browser.