Niña Perro

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

Niña Perro is an electronic literature project that combines poetry and narrative with digital and visual media.

During the quarantine due to the global pandemic, the video of a security camera in Mexico that recorded an anthropomorphic creature moving like an animal went viral. The people of the area decided to call her “dog girl” because her size seemed to be that of a girl and her movements of a dog. Simultaneously, during the social distancing established by governments of different countries, many people believed they saw UFOs and aliens in the sky. All these events and home videos caught my attention and led me to reflect on what happens in empty urban public spaces, what happens on the streets while the vast majority of people are locked up? Especially during the nights.

The project consists of creating a website with the domain Niña Perro and creating hyperlinks in the words and verses of my poem Niña Perro. The hyperlinks will lead to other stories, poems and video poems. All the texts reflect on the relationship of people with technology, the effects on their lives and minds. The use of hyperlinks aims to generate another way of interacting with the written text, since the reader will be able to choose what to read first and what meaning the texts will have within the story of “dog girl”.

The intention of the project is to explore new supports for literature in a context of hyperconnection and to make use of the transmedia possibilities that technology provides us.