Musselled Out

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, 2023 Shortlist - Main Prize, Exclude from archive, Opening Up

Summary: Our game functions as an allegory, educating players on the connection between conservation and border defence. It addresses the agency Frontex, who greenwash their abusive actions in the Mediterranean under the guise of marine conservation, deploying the same tech to do both jobs — see CISE and Copernicus. Both conservation and borders rest on a premise of division. We ask: Can the siphoning off of small protected areas really provide a sustainable solution to the systemic effects of climate change? How can we work to a vision of climate justice that can accommodate us all (humans and non-humans alike)?

Playing as a shrimp, you’re tasked with unearthing a threat disrupting your community. Along the way, you talk to fellow sea creatures and members of a mysterious security agency to find out more. After each surveillance event — from underwater sensors to passing drones — the ambit of gameplay restricts, your friends slowly disappearing. Can you find a way out of these confines before it’s too late?

Instruction to access: It is best played on your laptop, particularly on Chrome. To progress the game you must speak with all the reef’s inhabitants.