LuxSpace: Your Gateway to the Martian Wonders

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

My project is a science fiction multimedia story centred around a fictitious company, LuxSpace, a luxury spacecraft that offers tourist trips to Mars. Its primary objective is to highlight the burgeoning influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realms of journalism and multimedia storytelling. Despite AI being in its infancy, its portrayal is often negative in media and social media, primarily due to its misuse. Commonly recognised for its use in writing and audio, I believe AI’s potential extends far beyond these areas, and is poised to disrupt the journalism and filmmaking industry by empowering individuals to create their own multimedia content, as well as making content more relevant for a broader audience.

Space tourism, which embodies the essence of the future, was chosen as the central theme of my project, as it mirrors the forward-looking nature of AI. Every element of this project demonstrates AI’s capabilities: the video narration is powered by an AI voice from ElevenLabs, all images on the website were generated by AI using Midjourney, including the images on the quiz, as well as the text onsite using ChatGPT. The video’s visuals were static images created by Midjourney, which were then transformed into moving frames using Runway ML and Pika Labs – a testament to AI’s transformative potential in multimedia storytelling.

Explore the LuxSpace website and discover more about the company by playing the video featured on the ‘Welcome’ page. Navigate through different sections of the site using the page links on the top right-hand side. On the ‘About’ page, scroll through our interactive timeline to dive into LuxSpace’s history, and feel free to click on images to enlarge them. Hover your mouse over the pictures on the ‘Gallery’ page, and click to expand for a closer look. On the ‘Quiz’ page, answer a series of questions to determine your LuxSpace itinerary.