Lines of force

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

Lines of force is a game/essay that takes place in a post-technical world in which all living beings have become mere ghosts: nothing but shadows lengthening beneath the slow nightfall of annihilation. In such scenario, technic has already erased itself from the face of the earth, leaving behind nothing but a trail of destruction. ‘Lines of force’ happens on that hollow earth, where the mineral tentacles of matter reclaim their hegemony after the brief reign of the organic: a dying land inhabited by human and non-human persons that can hardly breath, speak or move. The player of ‘Lines of force’ is faced with the task of summoning life back through the reactivation of a forgotten sacred geometry. This vital mission and its details become gradually defined thanks to the words offered by the elders who, in ruined towns, resist the painful bite of extinction. To redraw the sacred geometry, to make visible the door to the invisible, the player must walk the land from end to end. She must learn from serpents, snails, plants, mushrooms and humans the alchemical arts that might make the black sun burn again, as well as the offering rituals that might awaken the lines of force that interconnect the sacred points that lie across the territory.

I did not attempt to portray the knowledge of a specific culture or territory in ‘Lines of force’, but rather tried to convey the experience of the throbbing of and with the points of a sacred geometry: an experience that may be lived as a transition towards the revitalization of both our digitized souls and our ravaged lands and bodies. ‘Lines of force’ is thus an essay that asks to be played: a text that is to be read by walking along many possible pathways, thereby resonating with the constant transit and transformation of the voices that speak and weave in the territories of knowledge.