A too-easy adventure

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

My entry is a short story on an interactive site/platform (inklewriter) it’s a lovely and childish story, it’s sweet, simply, maybe even too simple and crisp, hysterical and ridiculous and fun all at the same time. It’s a story that combines all my childish thoughts and fantasies, I had always seen those mystery-escape adventure movies with clues and so much action, as a person with limited general and mythological knowledge and no stamina, that wouldn’t work out. I decided to make a simple sweet short story that’s was made carelessly but with a lot of effort. It’s a bit cliché, two strangers who have to solve a mystery with clues, my favourite character is Nathaniel, he’s not really important, he just adds to the comedy, he almost has no influence on the plot, he’s just there and that’s what I like, his tactful italic thoughts and uselessness make him seem like someone comforting and warm. The story is mostly written but I have added an interactive touch on Inklewriter, it being a short story I couldn’t incorporate much and this was my first try making anything interactive, so I put in a lot of effort, and for my first try, it isn’t bad but neither is it good.
A small thing to keep in mind, the link given is for access to any browser, the ones I tested were chrome and safari, it is a URL.