A Hole-In-One

Evie Godfrey2023 Longlist, Opening Up

“A Hole-In-One” shows us a man, recently deceased, “living his death” while life, remote and untouchable, continues all around him. Through his narrative, we see his struggle to regain the life he has lost and, at the same time, understand his new purgatory.

The visual template for “A Hole-In-One” uses details borrowed from contemporary social media. Romanticized photographs (made with AI/Midjourney), elided text and images, animated texts, animated gifs, and a variety of interactive elements throw into relief the main character’s closeness, and distance, from the life he once led.

This work is made with HTML5, JavaScript & CSS and is playable on desktop, laptop, and portable devices, including phones.

URL of work: https://webyarns.com/hole/hole.html