Main Prize Winner and Shortlist 2018

Black Room

by Casssie McQuater


by Kate Pullinger

This is a Picture of Wind 

by JR Carpenter

The Book of Hours

by Lucy English

Unicorn Training Student Prize Winner & Shortlist 2018

Captain Geriatric

by Corrie Smith

Victoria Park Found Dead at 45

by Sarah Boudreau, Dashiel Carrera, Mirna Palacio Ornelas and Annie Raab

To My Bones

by Mireia Reverte

The Lobotomy

by Nicholas Swann

The Displaced

by Katie Dancey-Downs

The What’s New in Publishing Journalism Award Winner & Shortlist 2018

TRACES: Traversing The Past

by Berta Tilmantaite and team

Deep Breath

by Honorata Zapaśnik, Piotr Kliks, Arkadiusz Sołdon

Land of plenty, Land of but a Few

by Diogo Cardoso, Sofia da Palma Rodrigues, Emma Lesuis and Boaventura Monjane 

The Gorani

by Jakub Górnicki, Agnieszka Wanat, Piotr Kliks, Arkadiusz Sołdon