Main Prize Winner and Shortlist 2015

High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese

by the High Muck a Muck Collective (Jin Zhang, Thomas Loh, Nicola Harwood, Bessie Wapp, Fred Wah)

A Recollections: 12 vignettes

by Lashihai by two.5 (Viccy Adams and Samantha Silver)

Bafflement Fires

by Jason Nelson

Magister Ludi Game

by Christy Dena

I Work for the Web

by Rob Wittig and Mark C. Marino

The Fall

by Alan Bigelow

Student Prize Winner & Shortlist 2015


by Shaun Hickman

City Links

by Annie Hitchman

From Walls to Walls

by Madhushala Senaratne

DOT Award Shortlisted Writers 2015

J R Carpenter, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Maya Chowdhry & Sarah Hyman, Lori Diggle, Shaun Hickman, Saradha Soobrayen