square copyTHE DOT AWARD for Digital Literature 2017

Supported by if:book uk, a charitable company exploring digital possibilities for literature. It runs The Ifso Press, a production studio for transmedia and collaborative fiction. www.ifsopress.com   www.ifbook.co.uk 

The prize of £500 will be awarded to a writer of digital literature for a proposal for a project which, in the judges’ opinion, shows promise and practicability. For the Dot Award we are looking for projects which aren’t necessarily technically complex but do involve original and exciting literary work inspired by the affordances of the web, blogs, apps, social media etc.

Chris Meade and ifbook.co.uk will liaise with the winner to support the project, and the writer will speak (in person or via Skype) at the next New Media Writing Prize award ceremony about the development of their work before and after winning the award, whether or not this proposal has been realised.

The judges are Chris Meade, writer and founder of if:book, artist and play designer Hattie Coppard, teacher and Literacy Consultant Jo Klaces,  and George Palmer, Head of Communications at the Arvon Foundation.

Deadline: same as NMWP, i.e. Friday November 24th 2017 12 noon GMT

To enter email the following information to chris@ifbook.co.uk




No more than 300 words on yourself and the digital projects you’ve done:

No more than 300 words on the project/area of work you plan to develop in the coming year, and who you think the Award will help you:

1 or 2 links to your work online.


The Dot Award is funded in memory of Dorothy Meade. Dot was the author of books and articles on design; she died in 2013 at the age of 88. Housebound with Multiple Sclerosis in later life, she had an iPad, books, a digital radio, TV, family, friends of all ages, a beautiful garden – and enjoyed them all. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/feb/08/dorothy-meade